Welcome to strings class!  This is the 2nd year I will be teaching strings at Lothrop and I look forward to working with your young musician.  We will have classes on cycle days 1,6,4,& 9.  Calendars are handed out to each student, and are used for multiple months.  Additional calendars are available upon request.  Students are expected to bring their instrument and book/music to every class.  It would be beneficial for your student to have a music stand at home for practicing, as well as for concerts.  Every year the strings students perform at the Winter Program and take advantage of this opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned so far.   

Students are expected to have their instrument and book by September 4th.  The book we use for strings is "Sound Innovations - book 1."  The cover is blue and be sure to get the correct instrument book. There is an educational DVD & CD in the back of the book that students may use for additional practice. Your best option is to try and rent/purchase an instrument locally. That way maintenance and repair is easier, and the quality is typically better than instruments ordered from the internet.  Also consider the size of instrument your student will need.  The violin, viola, cello, and bass come in different sizes and music stores can help determine which size your student needs.  Rarely does a 4th grader fit a full size (4/4) instrument.   

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions at or (531)299-7629.  

Are you looking for something musical to do over the summer?  Need to keep up with practicing and enjoy playing in a group?  Then please check back to see which summer music camps are going on at local OPS schools.  This will be a great opportunity to learn new techniques and songs.

Mrs. Lopez

or (531)299-7629.