Mrs. Yarger

         First and foremost I want to extend a warm welcome to families, students, and school partners. We are so grateful you chose Lothrop and we are excited to work with you and your family.

        My name is Faylyn Yarger. My current title is Early Childhood Coach.  Essentially my position is to highlight, support, and collaborate with all Early Childhood teachers. To ensure the early childhood team is striving to provide the best beginning educational experience for all students. We call our team the foundations because that is what early childhood is. It is the foundation for our student’s educational journeys. Lothrop is a Learning Community Center of North Omaha (LCCNO) partner school. What this means is families that attend Lothrop Elementary School  have the opportunity to receive classes, support, attend GED classes, ESL, and many more services for free, with free child care as well as some meals and transportation are provided. See link for enrollment information and upcoming classes.

            I have worked at Lothrop for 12 years and over this time Lothrop and the community has become my home. Previously I taught Kindergarten at Lothrop for 8 years and then moved to Early Childhood in an all day Pre K for 2 years. The past 2 years I have served as the Early Childhood Coach for both Lothrop and Franklin schools.  During my career I have acquired a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and a Master’s Degree in Administration.           

            Family is very important to me. I am married to Nathan Yarger and we have been committed to one another since 2001. Man am I dating myself.  We have one child named Paxton whom we adore. Lothrop students are also part of my family. Every student’s becomes part of my heart. Education of children is part of my core values and it seems impossible to me to be with children everyday for 10 months and not have them be apart of my heart. So I carry them with me where ever I go.  Looking forward to including you and your family into our school and our hearts.

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