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The NSCAS Summative testing window for grades 3–8 is coming right up! Testing dates are March 19–April 27, 2018 and make-up week is April 30–May 4, 2018. Don’t forget to make sure your child(ren) get a good night’s rest, eat breakfast on the day of the assessment, and stay positive! 

The NSCAS Summative is a new computer-based adaptive assessment replacing NeSA that is built from Nebraska’s College and Career Ready standards. It adapts dynamically based on each student’s ability, challenging top performers without overwhelming students whose skills are below grade level. 

Results from the spring 2018 administration will be available in the fall of 2018. Starting in 2019, results will be available shortly after the close of the testing window, giving parents and educators valuable information about student performance ahead of the next school year. 

Learn more about the NSCAS Summative assessment at: https://www.education.ne.gov/assessment/nscas-system/

Home of the Panthers!

Lothrop Magnet Center is located at 3300 North 22nd Street. Approximately 300 students in grades pre-kindergarten through fourth grade attend this Science and Technology magnet. These magnet themes are woven throughout the regular curriculum offerings. Lothrop offers all students unique, high quality experiences that promote literacy, mathematical competency, and the skills necessary to function in the 21st century. At summer science and technology camp, students develop inquiry-based projects, create computer-based presentations, and learn to create graphics. Parent and community involvement are very strong components of this magnet's success. Workshops on parenting skills, nutrition, and computer skills, as well as open forums to address parental concerns, are offered. Volunteers from community organizations also provide weekly tutoring services. The staff, parents, and community are committed to providing Lothrop students an educational program that will prepare the students for the future.

Lothrop renovation is finally complete and we are loving our new look.  Come by at take a look if you haven't already done so. 

Magnet Overview

Lothrop Science & Technology Center offers students learning opportunities they would not get anywhere else.  Students are involved in constant science investigations and the discovery of new knowledge.  Magnet Specialists teach unique, innovative lessons built from Extra Value Standard discovery.  Students take part in science exploration, technology, robotics, and Spanish language and culture.  Lothrop Magnet staff and students have strong relationships with families and partnerships with many community businesses and share at quarterly Magnet Family Nights.


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Lothrop Magnet
3300 North 22nd Street
Omaha, NE 68110-1988

Phone: (531) 299-1780
Fax: (531) 299-1798

What's Happening at Lothrop

Lothrop Magnet Center

Lothrop’s Mission Statement

Lothrop Magnet Centers mission is to prepare our students academically and socially to be successful and compete with students across the nation. 

In support of the mission statement, the Lothrop staff believes:

*All students are special, unique and capable of learning commensurate with their ability.

*Curriculum is implanted and assessed to ensure that the needs of all students are met and that the content is challenging.

*Teachers continue their education, modeling the necessity of life-long learning.

*The school environment is safe, secure, and inviting for everyone.  Students demonstrate respect for others and responsibility for their learning.

*The Science and Technology magnet emphasis enriches all content areas.




OPEN HOUSE:  SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 @6-8:00PM


Green Ribbon Schools
2012 GRS Nebraska National Winners
Lothrop Elementary School/Omaha Public Schools
Miller Park Elementary School/Omaha Public Schools
2012 GRS Nebraska State Finalist
King Science and Technology Magnet Middle School/Omaha Public Schools
Nebraska Department of Education's Application Process
Information for the 2012-13 school year application will be posted in the winter of 2013.
This prestigious award is given to select schools across the nation that The U.S. Department of Education (USED) Green Ribbon Schools recognizes as schools that save energy, reduce costs, feature environmentally sustainable learning spaces, protect health, foster wellness, and offer environmental education to boost academic achievement and community engagement.
Nebraska will participate in the pilot year of the U.S. Department of Education's Green Ribbon Schools' recognition program. This voluntary federal program rewards schools that meet criteria in three goals:
1. The school facility (grounds and building) has a "net zero" environmental impact;
2. The school environment has a "net positive" impact on the health and performance of students and staff members; and
3. The school's graduates are environmentally literate.

Beginning in the 2011-2012 school year, the USED will recognize schools where staff, students, officials and communities have worked together to produce energy efficient, sustainable and healthy school environments and to ensure the sustainability and environmental literacy of graduates.

Omaha Public Schools

School Improvement Plan 2016-17

Elementary School: Lothrop Magnet Center

 Mathematics  42%  %
 Reading  51%  %
 Writing  50%  %
 Behavior-Respect  80%  %

Growth Goals

Goal Area: Mathematics

Focus Skill(s): Number Sense and Algebra

Strategy: Gradual Release with skills groups during guided and independent practice, use of Math Talks daily and use of CPA (concrete, pictorial, and abstact) to focus on multiple representations

Measurable Objective (growth goal): 41.17% on NeSA-M


Goal Area: Reading

Focus Skill(s): Comprehension and Building Vocabulary

Strategy: Increase use of Six-Step vocabulary and use of academic language during gradual release during reading instruction. Use of literacy strategies across content areas, increasing rigor and planning using the Fountas and Pinnell Continuum of Literacy Learning book.

Measurable Objective (growth goal): 50.74% on NeSA-R


Goal Area: Writing

Focus Skill(s): Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Voice, Word Choice and Conventions

Strategy: Gradual Release of instruction in Writers’ Workshop using writing across content areas and standard writing using prompt writing with rubric.

Measurable Objective (growth goal): 49.19% on NeSA-W


Goal Area: Equity/Respect for Diversity Climate (indicated by Climate Survey data)

Focus: Respectful, Responsible, Safe Outstanding Students

Strategy: Daily Social Skills instruction, Creating the School Family by Becky Bailey

Measurable Objective (growth goal): 80% on Equity/Respect for Diversity on Climate Survey


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The Builders:

Architect: RDG Planning & Design 

Mechanical/Electrical Engineers: Farris Engineering  

General Contractor: Weitz Construction 

 Mechanical Contractor: J.W. Smith & Company 

Electrical Contractor: Centaur Electrical Contractors

District Operational Services, Omaha Public Schools:

Dr. Antoinette Turnquist, Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Mark Warneke, Director of Buildings & Grounds

Jacobs-2014 OPS Bond Program Manager:

Mr. Mark Sommer, Program Manager

Mr. Steve Selting, Project Manager

Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee:

Mr. Keith Bigsby, Mr. Woody Bradford, Mr. Michael Bruening, Mr. Karlus Cozart, Mr. Mark Evans, Mrs. Monique Farmer, Ms. Shelley Henderson, Mr. William Johnson, Mr. Robert King, Mrs. Connie Knoche, Mr. Michael Lebens, Mr. Craig Maher, Ms. Deb McClung, Ms. Mary McHale, Ms. Nicole Nieves, Mr. Matthew Ray, Ms. Cheryl Richardson, Mr. Christopher Rodgers, Mr. Jeff Sauter, Mr. Adam Sawyer, Mr. Matt Scanian, Mr Mark Sommer, Dr. Antoinette Turnquist, Mr. Greg Van Dyke, Mr. Bill Vandenberg, Mr. Brett Warneke, Ms. Margot Wickman-Bennett