Vision and Mission

­­­­­­­­­­Lothrop’s Mission Statement

The mission of Lothrop Magnet School is to prepare our students academically and socially to be successful and compete with students across the nation.

In support of the mission statement, the Lothrop staff believes:

*All students are special, unique and capable of learning commensurate with their ability.

*Curriculum is implanted and assessed to ensure that the needs of all students are met and that the content is challenging.

*Teachers continue their education, modeling the necessity of life-long learning.

*The school environment is safe, secure, and inviting for everyone.  Students demonstrate respect for others and responsibility for their learning.

*The Science and Technology magnet emphasis enriches all content areas.


Lothrop Magnet Schools Mission

Lothrop Magnet Center and its community envision a strong and successful partnership between teachers, parents, and the community that will provide our children with solid foundations in leadership, motivation, and academics to guide their future success. 


Omaha Public Schools District


The mission of the Omaha Public Schools is to provide educational opportunities which enable all students to achieve their highest potential.

Omaha Public Schools

District Education Aims

1.      High Student Achievement
High student achievement will be met by maintaining high academic standards and expectations for all students and providing assistance, which is appropriate for each student.

2.      2. Safe and Secure Learning Environment
A safe and secure learning environment is an essential component in enabling students to achieve their highest potential.

3.      Professional Work Force
A professional work force, dedicated and committed to attaining the goals of the district, is essential.

4.      Partnerships
Community partnerships, both internal and external, are vital to the success of our students and include families, students, staff, businesses, political entities and the general public.

5.      Effective and Efficient Use of District Resources
Effective and efficient use of available resources will be required to achieve district goals.